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About Us

We provide value through custom software development, outsourcing and consultancy.


Who we are

We transform ideas into exceptional products...

Wazobia Technologies is a professional software development agency dedicated to producing high quality products. We have intensive experience in building bespoke software applications for SMEs and large enterprises. With years of work, experience and a team of creative minds that are always on tap, we build products that perform. We're committed to excellence and your satisfaction is our priority




Our Mission

To solve business problems and build partnerships through software development.

Our mission is to leverage software development to address your business challenges and accelerate your company's growth. We're committed to earning effective and long-standing partnerships with our clients through elite services.


Wazobia Tech Is All About

Effective communication

Here, we have a culture of honesty and transparency. The first step to maintaining this is by communication. When we commit to your project, we will keep you up to date with the software development process. We absorb our conversations and ensure that all your ideas, concerns and recommendations are implemented to build the product you envisioned.

    Guaranteed Quality

    As a software development and outsourcing company, we have a product first mindset. We will go above and beyond to ensure that we develop the best possible software services to solve your problems. Our team understands the importance of exceeding client expectations. We deliver exceptional products and on time.

      Client Satisfaction

      Keeping our clients happy is a top priority at Wazobia Technologies . This is a business, and satisfied clients is how we measure success. Our focus here is your goal for the ideal product that solves your business needs. Across every decision and strategy we follow, we ensure that our clients' goals and expectations are met.

        Long-Standing Partnerships

        We firmly believe in building long term partnerships and relationships with our clients. We dedicate time and attention to making sure your needs are met, and contribute to the success of your business by developing impeccable and scalable applications that solve problems.

          We Are An Agile Team

          At Wazobia technologies, we adopt the best practices to ensure the product delivery is seamless. Using the agile software development lifecycle to ensure our process flow is not rigid and can accommodate your specifications changes or additions (if any). Our development team is well versed in scrum framework, which makes it easy to manage even the most complex software development projects and deliver functioning, high quality software as fast as possible.

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