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IT Outsourcing Services

Got a business or start-up idea but no technical/software team? You can hire developers and ease out the stress! We save you the burden of recruitment and training by providing you with high skilled software developers to build your business and start-up software from the scratch.

You can hire software developers and utilize our team of talents and expertise to integrate essential and features on your product, while we take full responsibility of functionalities and related risks.

Our IT outsourcing services ranges from web and mobile app development, website and product design, implementation and maintenance.

We have you covered on timely delivery, superior quality, secure and seamless user experience without having to recruit a new team!

IT Outsourcing Services

Team Extension

Seeking a niche expertise for your product but lacking that role on your in-house team? Our team extension services is no doubt your solution as we offer staff augmentation and team extension services according to your specifics to deliver an outstanding or second to none project with zero competition. Team extension is cost effective, increases transparency on projects and allows you faster time to market.

We come on board with your in-house team and collectively fast track your projects while optimizing scalability and efficiency. Hire us for team extension services for optimum delivery and product performance. As part of our IT outsourcing services, we also offer post-product maintenance prevents malfunctions and ensure your product is working at 100% efficiency and specific functionalities are kept in check.

Team Extension

Dedicated Development Team

You can hire software developers and have a full development team on board as if they were yours! (or in-house can’t decide which)

For your continuous and progressive projects, you can hire developers on our team to set up a custom development team structure for your small medium businesses and start-ups, tailored specifically for your business needs.

These teams are solely dedicated to your company and future projects. You share your ideas, implement and execute them all as a team. This outsourcing service allows you to hire developers, leverage on a body of professionals and have them as yours!

Dedicated Development Team

Remote Work Consulting/IT Strategy Services

We understand that it can be tasking to evaluate and make decisions on what’s best for business or start-up, technology and software wise.

We walk you through the process of finding the best IT solutions to your business challenges and help develop new approaches to your business software model.

Our expert IT consultants offer one on one consulting sessions geared towards figuring out your pain point and weaknesses as a business and advising customized, long-lasting digital solutions.

Remote Work Consulting/IT Strategy Services

IT Support

It’s one thing to set up a working business software model and it’s another thing to keep it running.

Our IT support team offers your businesses and organizations assistance with any problems you would encounter navigating your software. In the basic form, we give trouble shooting answers to questions on challenges you maybe facing.

Our IT support services also extend to equipment installations, configurations and other related tasks. All in one, it is a customer service feature but for your software!

IT Support

Why Wazobia

We ensure that we provide you with the best options for IT outsourcing services, team extension and hire software developers. You can trust Wazobia to stand in and take responsibility for your business and start-up IT services and provide you with your success story (accelerate your success story) We assure you of high end and bespoke services that you can’t find nowhere else!


Extensive background working on projects of all sizes

Ability to think critically and solve problems

Open and honest procedures

Extremely hard-working group

Consistently excellent results

Our Plus/Additional Features

Expertise scaling

Increased project speed and efficiency

Improved team scalability and flexibility(ies)

Eradicate the cost of hiring software developers and training them

Critical attention on core business areas

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