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We Design User Friendly and User Centric Products

We take care of the whole development journey, from idea validation to release. Wazobia technologies has a dedicated development team that takes responsibility of every stage of your product development. Our focus is to display what makes your site unique and memorable. We maintain direct communication throughout the entire process, we are experts at agile methodology and this flexible software development approach allows us to incorporate any requirement changes along the line.

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Our Product Design Process


This answers the questions Who are our users? What problems are they faced with? Research helps to understand user behaviour. With these answers, Journey maps/ Road maps are created.

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wire frame prototype

Design and Prototypes

Prototypes are created for testing. We test to gather unbiased user feedback. Wire-frames are used but they serve as blueprints for high fidelity designs.

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Design testing

Testing and Design

After user experience data has been gathered and put into design consideration, high fidelity designs are developed. They serve as blueprints for our development team.

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Data monitoring and analysis

Data monitoring and analysis

At the end of the software development process, we monitor and analyse user data of the product based on our performance index. This process will help inform if any adjustment needs to be made in the next design iteration. This is done to guarantee that your product meets both business and user requirements.

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