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Quality assurance and software testing services

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Emphasis on quality. Deploy only bug-free and flawless software

Satisfy your client-base with high-quality, robust software refined through our meticulous quality assurance and testing processes. With both manual and automated testing, we ensure clean code, cutting down overheads and production time. Our services range from selected QA engineers or an entire automation team.


Our QA Testing Process

We have a bullet proof quality assurance roadmap that guides our process.


Requirement Analysis

By analysing the requirements of the software in terms of its functionalities, specifications, and design, our quality assurance team will know precisely what needs to be tested.


    Test Case Development

    We write test cases that are set to check the functionality of your product. we ensure that all the parts of the software are tested for quality and performance.


      Test Case Design

      We create test environments that are devised to match the environment in which the app will be used after release.


        Testing Implementation

        We perform manual and automatic testing and ensure that all bugs detected during the testing process are fixed.


          Test Cycle

          Our iterative QA testing process allows our quality assurance testing team to test your software repeatedly until it meets the acceptance criteria.

            Software Testing Services

            Unit Testing

            As an agile team, we test every work chunk for quality and functionality.

              Usability Testing

              This test checks if a new user can navigate your product successfully.

                Regression Testing

                This test ensures that changes made to your software codebase do not distort existing functions.

                  Performance Testing

                  This test ensures your software can work under varying workloads.

                    Functional Testing

                    This test ensures that every feature meets your pre-defined business requirements.

                      Non-Functional Testing

                      This test verifies the performance of your software

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