Frequently Asked Questions

These are the frequently asked questions we hear, as well as the answers. If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

The difference between hybrid and native apps is that, native mobile applications are built for a specific operating system while hybrid mobile applications are built for seamless performance cross platforms.

Yes, we do

Yes, it is important/ necessary that your business has a mobile application. This helps to boost brand awareness and reach, as well as provide access to your business to people who are on the go.

This is dependent on factors such as the scope, requirements and complexity of your project.

Definitely, our developers at Wazobia technologies are skilled at building responsive web applications. Having intuitive and mobile friendly websites allows your users to have the best experience possible regardless of the device they use.

No we don't

A static website is one that displays the same information for every user, the information on the website is fixed. While a dynamic website doesn't have fixed content and can provide user interaction. Depending on your specifications, our expert developers will build a website that meets your project requirements.

Yes, we provide you with a direct line of communication. to keep you up to date on your project progress.

When we receive a request, it will be responded to one business day

We don't, our development team works with a defined project scope, and the client is kept in the loop with progress. Unless our client needs to add requirements to the project, we are capable of making informed decisions based on project goals.

Yes we can, you can easily integrate developers at Wazobia technologies into your team to work on a project

Yes, you own the intellectual property rights for your project. Our job at Wazobia technologies is to take

Front end development: HTML, CSS, Javascript

Backend development: Javascipt, php, Django, Node,Flask Frameworks: NextJS, ReactJS, Laravel, Angualar, Typescript, Vue

Database: MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis

Of course we do, If you are not satisfied with your product, we will rescue your project and see it through to completion, deployment and maintenance

Quotes are given during our consultation process. And is dependent on the service requested for.

Interested in discussing a project?

Let's build something great.

Interested in discussing a project?

Let's build something great.