Top industries that benefit from Bespoke software solutions


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April 28, 2023

Top industries that benefit from Bespoke software solutions


Bespoke software solutions are software applications developed to suit the specific need of a user. They are also called custom or tailored software solutions and are created according to unique specifications or business requirements. The very nature of bespoke solutions is to slot seamlessly into your working methods, so you need not alter your workflow to integrate the system.

Bespoke software development can be outsourced or done in-house, and the user has complete ownership of the source code. The solution can be easily combined with other bespoke or traditional software to replace a legacy system and be updated or expanded as required. Bespoke software solutions are the opposite of off-the-shelf software. They have increasingly become a priority for businesses in today’s market by helping to ease the automation of processes, streamline operations and increase overall productivity. All of this help to save time and money.

Industries that recognise the benefits of custom software solutions quickly gain an advantage over competitors. With a wide variety of off-the-shelf software solutions catering to industries, the extra effort to develop bespoke software for your company's needs can be deemed unnecessary and tedious, but the opposite is the reality.


Customised software solutions are now one of the most sought-after trends in today’s software industry, providing competitive advantages that generic, traditional software cannot offer. In a recent survey conducted among over three hundred decision-makers from various industries, more companies are choosing bespoke software applications.

These industries are more interested in implementing bespoke software because they are reaping its benefits and finding the solution indispensable. Keep reading to find out if your company should have bespoke software designed and developed.

This article discusses some industries that benefit most from adopting bespoke software solutions.

Top industries that benefit from Bespoke software solutions  


The healthcare industry has witnessed major transformations with the introduction of bespoke software solutions. Evidence of this can be seen across medical software applications, from hospital management software to online emergency care, inventory management, prescription software, electronic medical record keeping and remote patient monitoring.

Adopting bespoke software solutions has made healthcare more accessible, profitable and convenient. These custom software applications help doctors and healthcare professionals keep up-to-date patient records, increase the accuracy of diagnosis, access relevant medical information in real-time and also keep track of inventory and supplies without impediment.

Some types of bespoke software applications in the healthcare industry are:

Electronic medical recording software

This helps medical institutions to digitise the management of their medical records. Using custom software to do this, hospitals can add unique features to their requirements as they see fit. Typical electronic recording software can include features such as; patient information tracking, billing and payment information, appointments and scheduling, data security and medical charting and reporting.

Remote patient monitoring software 

This technology allows medical practitioners to monitor patients at an advanced level. Remote patient monitoring software track data using devices and sensors such as mobile apps, watches or other wearable devices. These devices collect data such as activity levels, medication use, vital signs, irregularities and other information, then forward the data to healthcare professionals who can remotely review and analyse it.

 Remote patient monitoring is available in off-the-shelf software, but by going bespoke, healthcare professionals can dictate exactly which features they want to be added and in what models.

Medical diagnosis software 

This involves the use of software and medical databases to determine the diagnosis and treatment of patient ailments. Medical software like clinical decision support systems can use patient records, history and symptom data to suggest possible diagnoses and proffer treatments, leaving the physician to make the best final decision. 

Medical Imaging software

These are programs that store, track and study digital images from X-rays, magnetic resonance images(MRI), computed tomography(CT), ultrasound and nuclear medicine scans. Bespoke software development can personalise these tools with features like image enhancement, reconstruction, reporting and sharing to suit the user’s specific requirements.

Medical billing software

These are software that automates and streamline billing and payment processes. Medical billing software helps to verify insurance, process bills and payments, and record payment history.

Urgent care/Emergency consultation software

These are online platforms such as apps or forums that allow patients to contact healthcare professionals remotely and get regular or emergency medical advice. By going bespoke for this, medical institutions can add features to incorporate patient medical history on the platform to aid diagnosis and prescription further. Online consultation can eliminate the cost of patients visiting hospitals for every given concern.

The outcome of these upgrades is better patient care, relations between physicians and patients, improved ROI and overall performance of medical operations.


Bespoke software solutions can improve e-commerce by providing unique features and functionalities unavailable in off-the-shelf software. These custom solutions can be tailored to the business's specific needs, enhancing the user experience and making the online shopping process more efficient and enjoyable for customers.

Custom software can be designed to provide a personalised shopping experience for customers, such as personalised recommendations based on their browsing and purchase history. One can also integrate customer service features such as live chat, support tickets, and FAQs to make it easier for customers to get help and support when needed.

Some applications of bespoke software in e-commerce are;

Website design and development

A website is the body of an e-commerce business. It is the most important tool as it gives a business global visibility online. Websites help with communication, advertising, purchase processing, payments and delivery.

Inventory management system

This software makes it easy for business owners to handle inventory documentation and transactions, monitor stock levels, track product receiving and catalogue purchases, replacements and repairs related to material components.

Payment gateway system

This enables businesses to process, accept and authenticate secure online payments or transactions. It is a game changer that allows marketing leads to transform into customers with just a few clicks of buttons.

Shipping, tracking and delivery system

Businesses can use bespoke software to develop systems for authorising shipments and monitoring them up to the point of delivery.


Bespoke software solutions offer advanced security features to e-commerce businesses in the form of two-factor authentication, encryption, and fraud detection, improving reliability and overall customer trust.  


Manufacturing industries often involve utterly complex processes that require enhanced efficiency, accuracy, productivity and quality control. With the help of bespoke software solutions, manufacturers stand a better chance of managing the entire production process, including supply chain logistics, production planning, quality control, inventory management, records and documentation and many more activities. This results in cost savings and increased productivity and allows manufacturers to adapt quickly to the ever-changing market dynamics.

Some types of bespoke software that help in manufacturing are;

Manufacturing Execution System software

This facilitates control and real-time monitoring of the manufacturing process. Such systems track production progress and management and resource allocation.

Enterprise Resource Planning software

These integrate different business processes, such as accounting, project management, and supply chain management. It helps manufacturers manage their inventory and track their orders and shipments, thus streamlining overall operations.

Computer-aided Design Software

This software is used in the manufacturing industry to create and design product models, drawings and simulations. By creating these prototypes, manufacturers can predict flaws and improve the quality and efficiency of their products.

Computer-aided Manufacturing Software

Such software automates the manufacturing tasks such as cutting, drilling, and milling operations by controlling the operation of machines. This reduces the need for manual labour and programming.

When this software is developed specifically for a brand or business, it personalises its functions to meet that user's needs.

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The finance industry is one that holds a lot of high stakes. When money is involved, pinpoint efficiency is non-negotiable. The finance industry, therefore, benefits from bespoke software solutions in several ways, such as for financial reporting, risk management, documentation and compliance.

Bespoke software solutions enable easy automation of financial operations, which results in increased accuracy, faster processing times, and vastly reduced errors. The software can also handle large volumes of transactions, making it easier for financial institutions to oversee their operations.

Accounting Software  

Accounting software organises and streamlines the calculation of investment returns, future value, and financial goals, as well as the consolidation and reporting of financial records and transactions.

Trading Platforms

Bespoke software applications in finance can create unique platforms for managing orders, trading stocks, cryptocurrency and other financial securities for market traders.

Loan Processing Software 

Financial institutions can develop bespoke software solutions to efficiently process loan applications, interest calculations, collaterals and repayments.

Fraud Detection Software

Bespoke software can be used to create systems that detect and report irregularities in transactions. By programming these tools based on common fraud techniques, institutions can enhance the detection and prevention of fraud in their financial transactions.


The education industry now benefits from custom software solutions that help teachers manage their classrooms and students better. With custom software, teachers can track student progress, better monitor their performance, and give feedback to students, resulting in a more personalised approach to learning. Additionally, custom software solutions can automate administrative tasks, saving teachers time and effort in administrative tasks and allowing them to focus on teaching.

Learning Management Systems

Educational institutions use bespoke software to create and deliver e-learning courses or materials. Features can be added extensively based on requirements to aid assessment and communication.

Student Information Systems

Bespoke software provides valuable platforms to manage student data from enrolment to graduation. These systems record and monitor grades performance, class attendance, class schedule, etc.

Educational Games and Recreation 

Bespoke software can be used to create interactive, engaging software applications that simulate different scenarios or environments to enhance knowledge assimilation for students. These games improve students’ learning experience by making it more interactive, which allows them to learn and retain more information.

Virtual Learning systems

The aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic came with a need for migration to virtual and remote activities. The educational system was not left out. The introduction of bespoke software easily provides online learning platforms that incorporate web-based software to support remote learning. This means students and teachers can join classes online from anywhere, communicate effectively and carry out assessments and reviews.


Government agencies or parastatals have much to gain from using custom software applications. At a federal level, operations can become overwhelmingly complex and unorganised. Using software personalised for state services comes in handy in streamlining these activities and maintaining synchronised communication, record-keeping workflow compatibility and inventory management across a large nationwide scale.

Due to the importance of their services, government agencies cannot afford any downtime and must be proactive, predictive and reliable. This means they cannot always rely on piecing together different generic, insecure and public software solutions when they can have software specifically created to meet all their needs perfectly.

Some examples of bespoke software solutions used by government agencies today are:

Special access program software

Special access programs are security protocols that safeguard highly classified government information using access restrictions.

It is the most logical area of bespoke software application for government parastatal, as they need software specifically designed and developed to meet unique security requirements such as data encryption and other features.

Budgeting and planning software

Government agencies can use custom software to create systems that accurately plan and forecast their finances based on specific government requirements. This improves accuracy, minimises labour and optimises effort.

Citizen relationship management software

This helps the government to manage and monitor citizenship status and residents’ information on a massive scale. Such software facilitates the recording of data such as personal information, residency status, immigration status, and any other documents.

Bespoke software applications here can integrate tools for processing applications, tracking citizenship status, and monitoring compliance with immigration laws.


Finally, bespoke software solutions have quickly become a cheat code for businesses in various industries, from manufacturing to education and healthcare. Investing in custom software solutions can help businesses increase productivity, efficiency, and revenue growth while staying ahead of the curve.

At Wazobia Technologies, we offer bespoke software development services across all the above industries. If you need further clarification on deciding what software to use or assistance in building your preferred software, don't hesitate to reach out to us on LinkedIn or visit our website.

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