A Guide to Outsourced IT Support


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May 08, 2023

A Guide to Outsourced IT Support

Information Technology(IT) uses software and digital technologies to store, organise and transmit information. In today’s business world, the internet is the biggest marketplace, and IT is the vehicle that conveys you to appear and compete in this market. IT surrounds us and is crucial to any successful business, from our social media to online shopping carts to our favourite podcasts.

IT professionals oversee the design, development and maintenance of these technologies. One primary setback in exploring the advantages of IT, however, is the amount of struggle attached to managing IT services, such as the required expertise and resources(human and financial) involved. The major solution that has arisen to meet this need is Outsourced IT support services. We explore what it is, what it can do for a business, and how to use it.

What is Outsourced IT Support?

Outsourced IT support is a service third-party companies, or outsourcing agents provide to manage a business's technological requirements and solutions. It involves one company hiring another to handle all or some of its IT operations. The user initiates this business arrangement when they discover areas requiring IT solutions. This could be network management, software development, help desk support, cybersecurity services, cloud computing etc. 

They can contact a reliable outsourcing agency if they choose not to or cannot manage this affair internally. Outsourced IT support services can be used for one-off projects or long-term business partnerships. A one-time outsourced project can be the delivery of a specific product, like a website, within a given timeframe. The support ends after the deadline has been met.

Long-term outsourced support involves a partnership between the customer and the provider to work closely for an extended amount of time. The service provider handles all or some of their IT operations to achieve business goals.

Outsourcing IT support is a powerful strategy that helps companies to stay focused on primary business activities while getting the best support that meets their needs. And enjoying the benefits of IT service. Outsourced IT services make up 71% of the global outsourcing market, which was worth $92.5 billion in 2022. IT services account for a whooping $66.5 billion out of that sum, showing the importance of outsourced IT support for companies. (Source.)

Types of Outsourced IT Support Services

A wide range of IT services can be outsourced by businesses. Some of them include:


IT professionals manage the installation of most hardware and software needed to run daily affairs, from computers to CCTV cameras, to network antennas, down to database and CRM systems. 

Data backup and recovery

Data loss is an unfortunate but common occurrence in business, whether due to security breaches, system failure or natural disasters. This could result in loss of critical information, as well as downtime. 

IT support services regularly back up these data to anticipate loss and ensure quick, efficient recovery from disasters. 

Cloud services

Cloud computing means providing IT services using remote servers on the internet. It allows businesses to get resources when needed and requisition them when they don’t. 

IT support uses cloud services to store and transmit these resources, which include data storage, databases, networking, computing power etc. 


This involves the creation of virtual replicas of computer systems, servers, networks, hardware, storage or software technologies. IT support uses this to increase performance by running multiple operating systems without interference. 

IT Consulting 

IT support services provide expert advice and professional guidance on all issues, questions or challenges regarding a business’s IT setup. 

Network setup and management

Networks or networking refers to a group of devices that are interconnected to communicate with each other and share resources, data, or information. IT support manages networks, setting them up and keeping them updated and functional.

Troubleshooting and Helpdesk support

As with every technical product and service, end-users will require continuous round-the-clock assistance for any issues that may arise. It is down to IT professionals to provide these support services, which may be via email, phone or direct messaging. 


According to a recent report from DWG, 50K websites are hacked daily, with hackers attack coming every 39 seconds. Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting your business from these cyber threats. IT professionals implement and maintain security measures to reduce and limit threats and vulnerabilities. They oversee security practices and strategies to meet up with best cybersecurity standards.

Mobile Systems and Telecommunications services

The 2022 global total of mobile smartphone users was roughly 6.6 billion. These numbers only begin to define how important telecommunications have become to the average person. Well, we rely on IT support to manage mobile networks, phone lines, software updates, internet servers etc. 

Surveillance system

Surveillance systems serve as guardian angels for personal and business security in present-day society. IT support operates the servers on which surveillance devices record and transmit real-time security reports, even across long distances and multiple locations. 

Benefits of Outsourced IT Support

  • Save time
  • Reduce cost
  • 24/7 Support
  • Scale easily
  • Improve work quality
  • Professional expertise

Choosing the right provider or partner

A key factor to successfully utilising outsourced IT support is your choice of service provider. Having a clear understanding and a good working relationship ensures stable, efficient projects. Some of the things to consider when vetting service providers are:


The quality of service you receive is crucial to your satisfaction as a customer. This is why expertise should be your first and foremost criterion. You can gauge expertise based on experience. Look for providers who have projects similar to yours in their portfolio.


Versatility, in some instances, is worth as much as expertise. When choosing a provider, consider the variety of your present and future needs their workforce can handle.


Agility is useful in today’s ever-evolving business environment. Your provider should be capable of flexibility in all areas. Scalability ensures that your projects remain stable and can adapt to changes in business requirements or environments.


It is important to choose a provider with a track record for customer support. You don’t want to end up with a company that becomes hesitant in responding to issues and bugs along the line. Sometimes this can be an issue with established outsourcing companies with a large pool of customers.

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Outsourced IT support services can be an excellent solution for businesses looking to manage their technology needs more efficiently. By providing access to a team of experts with years of experience, outsourced IT support services can help businesses reduce downtime. By 2019, 92% of companies ranked in the Forbes G2000 had outsourced IT services. These big players recognise and enjoy the benefits of outsourced IT support, and you should too.

Wazobia Technologies provides a variety of IT outsourcing services, from consultation to web development, installation and support and maintenance. We offer both one-time and long-term services which are scalable, flexible and efficient. To completely transform your IT management system, send us a message.

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